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Fish Tails 14-Piece Shower Set

Fish Tails 14-Piece Shower Set

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  • This set includes a Shower Curtain, Shower Hook Set and Bath Rug
  • Whimsical and bright sea life design featuring creatures from the sea
  • Specifications


  • Shower Curtain: 100% polyester, 70" x 72", reinforced 12 buttonhole header, printed
  • Shower Hooks: Shaped embossed hand-painted resin with metal on back for hanging, set of 12 (assorted 4 fish, 4 crabs, 4 turtles)
  • Bath Rug: 100% tufted cotton front, latex backing, 20" x 30", oblong


      Take a trip under the sea with our Fish Tails 14-Piece Shower Set. It features colorful fish, crabs, turtles, seahorses and even octopus playing together against the brightly colored terrain adding a vibrant and novel touch to your bathroom setting. 

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