Green Initiative

Allure Home Creation Co. has clear goals to establish a vision of sustainable future in the housewares industry. We are addressing these issues with a two-pronged approach. First, we are re-engineering business systems and practices to discover more efficient, waste-reducing methods. Second, Allure is investing heavily into the research and development of our products themselves; searching for ways to implement sustainable materials and efficiency-maximising manufacturing processes. 

Starting 2016, Allure adopted an energy-efficiency program reducing our energy consumption by 85%. All our facilities were early adopters to LED’s, high SEER HVAC’s, high efficiency servers, high frequency DC Chargers, advanced TOU controls, our hot water is generated using our facility’s waste heat. Our primary facility is entirely renewably powered, with one of the largest solar powered arrays in Morris County. We offer free EV charging to our employees to encourage electric vehicle adoption. Our factories recycle all excess plastic and ceramic from the manufacturing process. We use state-of-the-art software to reduce transit miles for our goods. 

The best way to promote ecological responsibility is to share it with our customers through the products themselves. Allure has a new-product development team that is constantly seeking out new materials utilizing renewable and sustainable resources and engineering new manufacturing methods to implement them. We are exploring everything from organic cotton products to new biodegradable polymers for use in packaging. We also work hard to make these innovations visible to the consumer through detailed product manuals and clear recycling information.

First-to-Market Initiative

Allure is developing innovative techniques to reduce the time needed to bring products to market. It takes a concerted effort to stay ahead of the competition in today’s global marketplace. We help our customers build an advantage by offering the shortest possible time from the conception of an idea to a physical product on the shelves. In addition to implementing the latest technology in Rapid Prototyping and 2D CAD, Allure is pioneering the use of 3D CAD, which allows us to model and assess products before manufacturing. 3D CAD also permits us to use direct-to-mold casting at the factory to show production-quality samples as fast as possible. Allure has also developed real time full-scale vinyl and fabric printing to produce manufacturing quality samples in house. This new push towards a comprehensive rapid prototyping process complements the already high quality of our goods because it brings the most flexibility to the customer. When our customers have these options, they can better utilize their own strategic advantages, capitalizing on their full potential.