Green Initiative

Allure Home Creation Co. is charting two parallel paths on the road to a sustainable future: investing in research and development, and refining business systems.

Investing in Research and Development

Our new-product development team is constantly searching for innovative ways to integrate sustainable materials, including organic cotton and groundbreaking biodegradable polymers, into our products and packaging. We raise awareness of these innovations through detailed product manuals, and we encourage participation in green efforts by offering recycling information to the consumer.

Refining Business Systems

Allure uses Value Added Flow Analysis to regularly evaluate internal and external procedures; activities that do not add value are either minimized or removed, which results in both better pricing for customers and reduced waste from business operations. Our sustainability efforts also extend to manufacturing, logistics, and warehousing: our factories recycle all excess plastic and ceramic from the manufacturing process, our logistics team utilizes state-of-the-art software from SAP to reduce transit miles for our goods, our warehouses are lit primarily with sunlight, and we use only electric-powered forklifts.

First to Market

Allure is developing cutting-edge techniques to help our customers reduce the time needed to bring products to market. In addition to implementing the latest technology in Rapid Prototyping and 2D Computer-Aided Design (CAD), Allure is pioneering the use of 3D CAD. This groundbreaking technology allows us to model and test products before manufacturing, and it enables us to use direct-to- mold casting at the factory in order to show production-quality samples as quickly as possible. Allure has also developed instantaneous full-scale vinyl and fabric printing to produce manufacturing quality samples in house.